Men's Services


Nu You Signature Skincare Treatment For Men

Even tough guys have tender skin. This customized treatment will deep clean, repair, tone and target

the problems of male skin such as ingrown hairs, razor irritation, blackheads, dry skin and aging.

Our Nu You Infusion Treatment for Men is designed specifically for men to exfoliate and soften the skin

while addressing their needs to calm sensitivity and irritation due to shaving, sun exposure, and the

environment. Your skin will love the nourishment that our Nu You Infusion treatment provide. We

combine Organic, all natural products with science to give you the best of both worlds. See and feel

the difference exceptional products make. Your Esthetician will tailor your Nu You Infusion Treatment

to your skin's specific needs.

For best results, series of six.


60 min / $105

Pkg of 6/ $525


Nu You Men’s Signature Infusion Peel

This Infusion Peel is a revolutionary non-chemical peel delivering long term skin benefits. By using the

most potent form of Vitamin A to gently resurface the skin. This unique formulation increases

circulation, delivers nutrients deep into the skin, boost immunity and stimulates collagen production.

Your skin will immediately be transformed!

Regular Infusion Peels continue to help your body to produce new, strong, healthier and younger

looking skin,without the harsh side affects of a chemical peel.

The results are cumulative, as improvements increase over a series of treatments. 

Best as a series of 5.


60 min/ $150

**Recommended treatment process: every 3-6 weeks for maximum results.

Series of 3: $395

Series of 5: $675


Nu You Men's Rejuvenating Peel

The Ultimate in Corrective and Luxurious Treatment Facials. If your skin desires a boost of rejuvenation,

moisture or firming, this treatment is for you. A powerful non-chemical peel customized with actives.

Your skin is not always the same, so why treat it the same, infuse it for superior results. This treatment is

designed exclusively for men. We tailor this treatment to each individual man's skin type and needs. 

What are the benefits of an Rejuvenating Peel?

  • Reduces uneven skin color, lightening dark spots
  • Smoothes rough texture and softens the skin
  • Treats and controls acne
  • Reduces the appearance of ‘open pores’ and acne scars
  • Gradually helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removes damaged layers of sun-damaged skin
  • Reduces ingrown hairs
  • Smoothes razor bumps


80 min/ $185

**Recommended treatment process: every 3-6 weeks for maximum results.

Series of 3: $475

Series of 5: $795


Nu You Micro Diamond Dermafile for Men

This is perfect for guys who are outside all the time, sweating at the gym or doing very dirty work.

Do you ever feel your face just isn't clean? This revolutionary technique will change how you feel

about your skin.

**Micro Diamond Dermafile with Mask includes mini- skin treatment and collagen mask.


Conditions Treated with Micro Diamond Dermafile

  • Rough skin texture
  • Enlarged pore size
  • Mild acne scarring
  • Razor bumps
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles


30 Min / $ 89


Nu You Micro Diamond Dermafile w/ Collagen Mask


**Nu You Micro Diamond Dermafile with Collagen Mask includes mini-skin treatment.


60 Min / $169**


Nu You Men's Power Peel

This treatment is the best of both world's. For the guy who is serious about his skin. It puts

the revolutionary technique of the Micro Diamond Dermafile with the amazing benefits

of an Infusion peel.


75 min/ $189



Nu You Men's Back Treatment


This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a masque.

Great to help unclog pores and for athletes.


45 min/ $80


Esthetic Add-ons


  • Eye Lift Treatment: A soothing treatment to give tired eyes a lifting effect by removing excess lymph fluid while exfoliating, firming and hydrating this delicate area! 
  • Collagen Mask: A multi-layered collagen mask that plumps skin with moisture. Also reduces inflammation and calms redness.
  •  $30
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment $10



Eye Brow/ Lash Tinting/ Lash Lifting


This service has become very popular for men. Are gray or white eyebrows making you

look older? Women can't tell you are flirting because your eye lashes have turned white

and disappeared? Make the gray/ white disappear and bring back your youthful look!

Let us show you how. Very easy and lasts 4-6 weeks.

Includes eye brow trim.


We also offer Eye Lash Lifting. This technique give the lashes a natural curve. Great for

clients with lashes that point down or straight out. Really opens and accents the eyes.


Eye Brow $25

Eye Lash $25

Eye Lash Lifting $65



Men's Waxing Services Available....

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